Every 6 to 8 weeks, dr. Halil Dayioğlu will be in The Netherlands for a personal meeting.

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Stay of 6 days

Most treatments only require a 6 days stay.


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A high quality treatment for a fixed low price.

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"Dr. Halil Dayioglu has treated patients from the Netherlands and Belgium for more than 14 years."

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Personal Meeting

Once every 6 to 8 weeks Dr. Halil Dayıoğlu will be in The Netherlands to personally meet his future patients. For your convenience, the meeting will take place in the weekend at a location in the centre of The Netherlands.
After you have received the treatment plan and price quotation, our Dutch assistant will send you an invitation for this meeting. If the proposed date or time does not suit you, our assistant will be happy to reschedule to a different time or to the next date on which Dr. Halil Dayıoğlu will be in The Netherlands. Of course, this meeting does not bind you to anything.
During the personal meeting, Dr. Halil Dayıoğlu will give you general information on the various treatments, including the
treatment in which you have expressed an interest, as well as inform you on the latest dental care procedures and techniques.
Of course, Dr. Halil Dayıoğlu and his assistants will also be happy to provide you with further information regarding the time you will stay in Istanbul, the accommodation and transfer details.